Photo Printing Singapore- Matte Or Glossy Digital Photo Printing Paper Which one Is Better?

Digital photo printing has two variations in it that are glossy and matte. Many people get confused by this option as they do not which one they should consider. But no one is superior to the other one as they hold different features in them. So one must be certain of their needs and then only sees for what work they need these photos. Photo printing Singapore is the place from which you can take these both matte and glossy pictures.

Now we will compare that which photo printing paper is best in a different circumstance. People who want to gain knowledge about glossy and matte photos should read the whole information that is given below. Pros and cons for matte and glossy photo printing paper can be seen underneath, so let have a close look at them. 

Glossy photo prints 

Glossy photo prints have an amazing look that provides a shiny look to your photos. These photos reflect high quality and fancy appearance that beautifies your photos. These contain vibrant colors and make the photo look brighter and more prosperous. Glossy print photos are great if you have vibrant nature and like multi bright color shades. But the problem with these glossy photo prints is that it is tough to view the photos in natural daylight due to their shiny nature. 

If the light is highly bright or you are watching the photos in bright sunlight, you will not be able to see them comfortably due to their shiny surface. They will reflect light in your eyes which can make you blind for some seconds. As glass papers have a shiny surface, it attracts dust and most likely fingerprints. It means it will get dirty over time, which is not good as you need to clean your photos after a period of time. 

Matte photo prints 

Matte photo prints will never harm your eyes, and you can watch them in any bright light. Even if you watch it in bright sunlight, then you can see the photos clearly. Matte photo prints do not get dirty over time as day does not attract fingerprints and dust to them. So you do not need to clean them after a period of time. If you are willing to have black and white photos prints, then you must go for matte photo prints as they are better than glossy photo frames. 

Which one you should choose

It is completely clear that the photo prints will depend upon your needs. If you want colorful prints, you should go for glass photo prints, but if black and white is your option, you should buy matte photo prints from photo printing Singapore. People who are printing the photos to add them to photo frames should buy glossy photo prints as they will provide a clear and glossy appearance to their photo frames.


Your needs can change the selection of your photo prints. Thus, it would be best if you had a clear-through while you can take printing photos from photo printing Singapore.